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Vietnamese restaurant that serves contemporary cuisine with a focus on pho, a rich rice noodle soup that is ubiquitous in Vietnam. We now also focus on Cajun seafood and vegan meal. Incorporating thoughtful sourcing, quality ingredients, and refined culinary techniques to further amplify the bold flavors of Vietnam, the team aims to bring further awareness to the depth and complexity of the country’s culinary traditions.

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Our Pho Saigon 1 menu is filled with fresh ingredients & traditional Vietnamese cuisine, including one of the most world wide known bowl, PHO, also known as Vietnamese Beef Soup Noodle. The bowls of pho are epic, with noodles as long as cable wires and beef prepared every which way from raw to lightly cooked to grilled to a wonderful char.  Cooked for over 17 hours, our broth is rich and flavorful made with pure bone broth. We serve the best Pho in town. We also serve cajun seafood and vegan Pho option.

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Give us a call on (818) 709-2066 between 10:00am–9pm to book your table. We serve 7 days a week.